Body Shakes Which Causes Him To Fall

Prayer Requested Submitted on April 23, 2022
2-year-old son of Bro. Philip Tambe fell down last Wednesday and hurt the back of his head. Now his whole-body shakes which causes him to fall and get hurt even more. David – India

Testimony Received on June 10, 2022
Shalom Pastor Samuel, Greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Hope you and family are doing well by the Grace of God. I have returned with my family from Mumbai at 3am today (June 10). I have a testimony to glorify our God, as we are gearing up for the upcoming Global Prayer Meeting.
I had asked a last-minute prayer request for my younger son David, in the last Prayer Meeting on 23rd  April. Due to head injury, he was badly hurt. As a result of  some issues in  the brain, he was falling very often and suffering from seizures. His speech started slowing down and he was losing his memory as well. We were very worried and feeling down, but at the same time we had faith as you and all the Saints had prayed for him.
As you had preached that ‘Agreement with the Word brings God on the scene’, we were holding on to God’s promises, giving thanks everyday for healing our son.  At the same time Satan was testing us, my son fell ill and we had to take him to the nearby Pediatrician which is four hours journey from our town. Then he referred us to a neurologist for further treatment. As David’s E.E.G showed recurrence of epilepsy and the M.R.I showed serious trauma as a result of the seizures. We went to Mumbai and the child neurologist examined the scans but he didn’t find anything wrong in the M.R.I report. However, in two weeks of our stay in Mumbai, David was back to normal and playing and behaving normally. David’s second E.E.G on the 4th of June showed normal brain wave patterns and no signs of epilepsy. Hallelujah .
So, with a grateful heart I want to thank you for accepting my last-minute prayer request and praying for my son. Indeed, there is power in the unity of Prayer.  I believe God has healed him completely. I want to thank all the Saints for praying for my son. The Mighty God will continue to bless us and give us more testimonies in this upcoming meeting to glorify His name. May God be with you all.
Love and Regards,
Brother Philip Tambe and Family

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