Battling to Walk

Prayer Requested Submitted on April 22 2022
Need Gods Grace, battling to walk and painful legs, I need to take care of my husband in a wheelchair , so please stand in the Gap for the Brits family, also unsaved children. GOD BLESD – 2:42am
Plse saints, its an urgent request.  I just tried to go to the bathroom and can hardly put my foot in front of the other foot. Humbly ask for prayer in Jesus name. Thanx sis Linda – 3:38am
Testimony Received on  May 6 and June 6, 2022
Thanks dear bro and all the saints for the Global prayer meeting, I can truly say the Lord touched my life, no pain in the knee, it was a nagging pain in the left knee. Keep me and my family in prayer, we need the Lord every day of our lives. To God all the Glory. Shalom saints, much love sis Linda Brits and family. – April 24 2022
Thanking the Lord for His mercy and grace, did put in a prayer request for myself battling to walk. Went to see dr. Needed knee reconstruction.  The Lord help me through the operation and I am going for physio. On my way to full recovery.  Thanks the saints for combined prayer and faith. Go bless. Much love sis Linda – June 6 2022
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