Global Revival Prayer Meeting - May 27th 2023

Dear Pastors and Saints,

1. Preparation for the May 27th Message Believers Global Revival Prayer Meeting has progressed significantly. Pastor Ronnie Millevo of Quezon City, Philippines, and Pastor Daniel Bobo of Harare, Zimbabwe, are our Keynote Prayer Leaders for the service. Please see attached the flyer and listen to the inspirational worship song.

2. Theme: "Go thy way, Thy faith hath made thee whole" - Mark 10:52

3. Please kindly submit your prayer requests using the link:

4. Please share testimony of the answer you have received from the Lord Jesus to your request using the following link, if you have not already done so:

5. To join the service by Zoom, please use the link:

6. To join the service by YouTube, please use the link:

7. To find more information, please use the link:

8. For easy access and notification to all the global programs, please download the app using the link:

Please kindly announce the service in your assembly and encourage the saints to attend.

Pastor Samuel - Canada

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